Video is Enhancing the Digital Media Landscape

Video is enhancing the digital media landscape.It’s not difficult to prove that video drives sales.  We only have to look at the number of retailers using video to see what a fantastic communication tool it is.  There isno better way to bring a product to the face of the consumer.  But in these times of austerity, with budgets carefully being analysed to the penny, it can be challenging to put forward a convincing business case to invest in video.  Read on for help

Last week “Internet Retailer” published an article stating that the web will account for 21.5% of global spend on advertising in 2014, crossing the 20% threshold for the first time.  This growth is mainly due to the rapid increase in the popularity of social media and online video advertising. A massive 83% of online shoppers need support to complete a purchase within 5 minutes of visiting the site, before they abandon the idea and go elsewhere.  This in itself is a huge opportunity to use video which when viewed, results in more than half returning to the product; thus proving that the video has enabled them to be better informed than any other means of product research.  On the whole, if a customer can see a product video they will be more confident to buy.

Since 2011 the number of B2B marketers using video content has increased from 52% to 70%.  The same criteria applies to business to consumers as for business to business – that is, to see engaging, creative, thought provoking, informative and captivating video thatwill ultimately  see fantastic returns.

The future of online video and advertising is bright.  The Telegraph reports that from the summer, some of Facebook’s biggest clients will launch advertising videos on the social media site for its

 millions of users to view, further enhancing the digital media landscape 

So the information is already out there proving that video in advertising increases sales significantly.
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