What Makes Video Worth Sharing?

“If you have not hopped onto the video content train, now is the time”, according to Social Media Today’s recent report “Supercharge Your Social Media Strategy with Video Content”.

It’s already proven, tried and tested that good quality and captivating video increases return on investment, but ideally the content needs to be what the viewer considers to be worth sharing.

Marketers would be missing a trick not to tap into the current craze of sharing engaging, content-rich video.  It’s an easy way to engage massive and far-reaching audiences, targeting them with entertaining yet factually-rich video that is “fun” to share.  It’s an incredibly easy and valuable means of communicating brands, products and services.

But Marketers and purse-string holders want assurance that time and resources spent on social media strategy investment will be well rewarded. So what makes a video “go viral”?  Online advertising service Unruly Media state in their Viral Video Chart that funny, shocking, moving and controversial content are some of the main triggers to assure video sharing.  Videos with attention-grabbing titles and engaging calls to action will all help to ensure that viewers share.

But it’s one thing to produce a video that contains these triggers; it’s another to convert these viewers to real-life paying clients.  Let’s not forget that this is the ultimate objective of the professional marketer.

It is critical that followers are enticed to a targeted webpage or company website where they can then subscribe to blogs, newsletters and email marketing with ease.  To achieve this, the initial social media video should be cross-channel compatible, short, capturing the essence of the business and of course highlighting the product.  From here, potential clients can be coaxed to the company webpage, where the business to customer relationship can truly begin.