What Will You Lose by Not Using Video?

“The consumer is definitely in control”. [1] 
videoWhat will you lose by not using video?

It’s a fact that in this day and age, information has never been more readily available and at our fingertips.  With the vast majority of us owning or having access to a tablet or mobile device, the consumer is arguably more product-aware than the shop assistant!

Of the many ways and means of research, video by far provides the most effective way to bring the shopper closer to the product.  This in turn increases their confidence to buy.  In fact, nearly 40% of consumers [2] report that videos increase their likelihood of making a purchase on a mobile device, and over half say that watching product videos makes them more confident in online purchase decisions [3].

What’s more, exciting product news travels fast.  Studies show that customers are almost twice as likely to open marketing emails with the word “video” in the title, and according to The E-tailing Group, 92% of mobile video viewers share videos with others.  The trend among 18-34 year olds is shifting from using TV as a primary source of information to laptops or desktops.

So the evidence is compelling.  With video as a shopping tool rapidly becoming the norm, can you really afford not to be one of the 76% of marketers who plan to add video to their website?[4]


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